Hello everyone, compliments of the season from me and the Algorand family. Without much ado, I would like to walk you through some key events and news within the Algorand’s ecosystem for the month of December.

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Firstly, I would like to point out that the immense energy in the blockchain sphere is unrivalled, and the revolution blockchain technology has brought to the world even makes it more exciting. In recent times, most investors, industries, companies, and individuals have expressed their eagerness to leverage blockchain technology’s existing advantages such as cost-effectiveness…

As the world begins to drift away from bank transactions and third-party inclusions to individual wealth or economics, the next undeniable playing ground is the crypto-sphere. Individuals are in total control of their wealth creation, utilization, and overall management. For the newbies, the crypto-sphere houses what we call blockchain technology. A technology that is guided by decentralized transactions called “blocks.” Interestingly, blockchain technology in the past ten years has been on a geometric rise to infinity.

Experts predict that by 2050, the world has switched entirely from fiat to crypto with an estimate of over eight (8) billion people. Hence…

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Data has become an important concept in the blockchain space. A lot of interesting features are present in the architectural framework of the bluzelle (blockchain database management) platform. This article provides you with details to all these —


Introduction to Blockchain Technology

To date, blockchain technology remains one of the ingenious discoveries ever seen and it continues to prove each day that human interaction, well-being, and value can be redefined. The concept of blockchain was first seen in 2008 when bitcoin was developed, and being a part of a consensus scheme aimed at installing p2p money without a bank, it witnessed several attacks and setbacks.

Blockchain technology allows users to trust the output of the system without necessarily trusting any actor within it. By this, every third party actor that potentially could impact the trust is eliminated. In…

Meet ProximaX, the blockchain technology that is all encompassing. All your development and deployment problems are all in the past. Take a gentle read.


Harmony is a decentralized blockchain technology that seeks to improve the failures of existing blockchain. It is a sharding based blockchain technology.

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Ever wanted to understand the Steem blockchain? Here is a link that explains everything in a simplified way.


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The concept of creation cuts across different categories of human endeavor and technically we are pencils in the hand of our creator

But even as pencils we also can create our own contents, for even pencils are used for content creation Logically right?

As we get on with life, tasks could be apportioned to us, these tasks are contents as anything geared towards creation becomes a content.

You can sing a song, write a book, shoot a video or even cook a food. All these are contents

Digital creation of contents currently dominate the world of content creation. The versatility…

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